Stars in their courses

I just mentioned this on the writing group, so I figured I’d cross-post over here: I learned this week that I’m a finalist for a thing I applied for.  This thing would happen in the summer, and I would love to do it.  I’ll probably hear pretty soon whether I got it or not.

It’s nice to be a finalist–to know that my work made it to that stage.  I have had a couple of very good publications recently, but things feel very quiet on the second-book front.  The manuscript is out at nine contests and with two editors; so far this year I’ve heard about one contest that it didn’t win and heard back from one press with a nice note that said, essentially, we can tell this is good, but it’s not for us.

If I don’t get the Thing this year, I will definitely apply for next year–it’s a thing I could do almost any summer.  I do want it for this year, though.  Lesson to carry forward: apply for summer things–residencies, colonies, conferences or workshops.  With NLNRU ending, summers will be more open than they have been, even with my new administrative responsibilities; I should take advantage of that, so that when I come back in August, I can really see how the additional time has supported my writing.


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  1. Best of luck with the Thing!

    Do you know when and where the next iteration of the Writing Group is being hosted? I figure it must be getting close to time for the next group to begin.


  2. Posted by meansomething on March 28, 2013 at 8:46 pm

    Hiya! and Thanks! I have missed your blog while you’ve been away.
    The question of the next host did come up this past week, and I think there are already volunteers. There are a few weeks to go…


  3. Congrats on getting to that stage! You rock!


  4. […] been putting off–AWP stuff and asking the people who recommended me last year for the Thing whether I can use them as recommenders again.  Now I just need to apply for the Thing […]


  5. […] very, very, very distant second to that is that I didn’t get the summer Thing this year, either.  To be honest, I’m feeling rotten about that just now, but I will absorb […]


  6. […] have applied for another Thing.  This one’s not a residency–I have been looking at residency deadlines and then […]


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