Stopping inertia

This is the weekend before the last week of SA before spring break.  As always, I’m struck by how much we seem to need spring break by the time it rolls around.  Farch takes it out of you, I guess.  Testy colleagues, emotionally fragile students, all right on schedule.  This weekend, my momentum seems to have gone missing.  I’ve got some papers to grade before tomorrow morning, and part of tomorrow will be eaten up by the job candidate’s visit.  Meetings at lunch every freaking day of the week.  A visiting speaker I’m responsible for on Thursday.  I upped my writing goals for the week in the online writing group because NLNRU is on break, but this may have been wishful thinking.

Lovely things continue, though.  Very wonderful dance performance at SA, for example.  I love how many kids show up to support their friends.  (The Snork Maiden went with me, but ended up watching from the tech booth with the lighting person, whom she knows from working backstage on middle school plays–far cooler than sitting with mom!  I sat with my departmental colleague Dorothea, the head of the upper school, and the band director, and chatted a bit with the family in front of us, whose son was my student in ninth grade and is again in my regular junior class.)  College acceptances coming in.  People in our department really stepping up and helping one another out.  Relationship with Dr. Tea slowly evolving as we get ready to shift the responsibility for the department from her to me–mostly this is going well, though we sometimes check in to make sure we’re not stepping on one another’s toes.

My two classes (three sections of AP, one of regular) are reading two novels that could hardly be more different, except that each is challenging to them in a new way.  They’re doing well.  I need to give some extra attention to the literary magazine this week, make sure we are in a good place before break and have some layout sessions scheduled for when we get back.

Writing all this out helps me see the rest of the day ahead a bit more clearly.  Papers, exercise, laundry, a few errands.  Ordinary Sunday.  Sunday blues not as oppressive as usual,  presumably because of no NLNRU class tomorrow and the closeness of spring break.  Maybe the extra daylight helps, too?



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  1. Oh, goodness, another week of classes before spring break — you will so need it! Best of luck hanging in there with everyone’s general testiness.


  2. […] I had eye-rolling moments of impatience with four different members of the department this week: two for jointly bringing forward a potentially controversial novel (language, adult situations) that they think they want to teach–but one of them hasn’t read it and the other read it several years ago before beginning to teach high school (Go back and read it and make the case!), and two for general drama.  It’s Farch. […]


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