Less than angels

For PymFan and other Pym fans, this appreciation of Barbara Pym in Salon.

My current puzzlement: a few days ago the GGE sent Dr. Tea and me a resume of a fellow who seems quite similar to both for us.  We all went to GU for graduate school, we all write poetry; he even shares a second language (which I also speak, but poorly) with Dr. Tea.  Like me, he’s been adjuncting around, although he’s accumulated more secondary teaching experience than I had (mostly in summer programs, though–he had a year-long position at a school across town, probably a replacement position).  He appears to be around forty, a few years younger than I am.

The GGE sent us both his resume a couple of days ago, and Dr. Tea commented that he seemed to replicate many of the strengths we already have in the department.  I commented that he seemed like a fellow we would like–look at all we have in common–but that I agreed with Dr. Tea that he seems awfully like us, and I noted that the GGE has been concerned (rightly, I now think) to add variety to the department.

So it was quite a surprise to be copied, after the end of the school day, on an email from the GGE announcing that this chap will be coming to campus on Monday, and asking various people to set up meetings for him.

Dr. Tea and I exchanged a few puzzled texts about it.  I wondered if perhaps my overall tone was so positive that the GGE overlooked that I thought he was too much of the same?  Or is there some other reason he has invited this person?  Another factor, though not one mentioned in the emails, is that this person seems more like Ph.D. Guy, a more natural teacher of the older students, and we need someone who can teach ninth grade and cover Gamma’s tenth-grade courses–i.e., primarily a teacher of the younger students.

We decided to address the question in person or on the phone rather than start a flurry of emails, so we’ll try to connect with the GGE tomorrow before school, I guess.

I won’t mind looking at this guy if the GGE really thinks we should see him, but I am certainly confused.  I don’t think we’re being railroaded–in fact, I am primarily concerned that there has been a misunderstanding.  I’m wondering if the GGE still has candidate #2 in mind at all; I do, but I’d hoped to see another realistic person, and while on paper this looks like a worthwhile candidate, he just doesn’t look like a real fit to me.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I was going to send you that Salon piece if you hadn’t seen it!

    I’m coming to the conclusion that hiring is just a very, very strange beast.


  2. Posted by Pym Fan on March 15, 2013 at 3:42 am

    Always glad to see Ms. P. re-rediscovered. Weird hiring development. I look forward to your report on the Monday visit…


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