Sex on the moon

Will probably not be happening this weekend!  But what will?

The Snork Maiden just booked herself a sleepover at Bestfriend’s house for Saturday night, which means we’ll probably try to get all the laundry done Saturday morning, and which also means I can probably look forward to almost 24 hours of solo time in which I don’t need to consult anyone’s convenience but my own.

I do have a ticket to a play at SA for Saturday night.  On the one hand, this means that I don’t have to think about whether to try to arrange something to do; on the other, it means–well, not that I absolutely can’t but it’s a lot less likely.  I currently have either a cold or allergies.  It hardly matters which, except I find it less psychologically taxing to imagine it’s allergies, even with the possibility that they might drag on and on.  After the play, I’m probably going to want to come home and go to bed.

In fact, I think I would like to do that now.


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