Half asleep in frog pajamas

Yawn.  I’ve mostly stopped expecting that I’m going to get much work done at home in the evenings–aside from the occasional freakish burst of energy (which is sometimes just premenstrual-hormonal insomnia), I am generally pretty somnolent after we get home.  Much better to get up early–I am usually good for a couple of hours’ work before school, as long as I don’t try to do it too many times in a week.

This evening, though, I’ve left myself some planning work that really needs to get underway, at least, because my lovely free blocks in the morning have gotten cluttered up with covering a class for a colleague, a meeting with Gamma and the librarian about AP resources, and my annual review meeting with the GGE (which seems almost superfluous since we have had so many conversations lately and I know my annual review is excellent since I just signed it last week and we negotiated my salary for next year back in November–but I know we will have things to discuss anyway).

The guy we offered the job took the other one, citing geography.  Romola thought the other location was better for him as a single guy and “not so much of a city guy,” which I didn’t really pick up on myself.  Anyway, we have a second candidate coming in later this week, also a man–older than the previous candidate, but younger than Ph.D. Guy.  And again, it’s my busiest teaching day, so I’ve got to figure out times to watch the candidate teach and to talk with him.

Speaking of Ph.D. Guy, he just touched base with me about coming to visit some classes this spring, which we’d discussed a while back.  I need to write him back.  And to do that, I probably need to do some of that planning, right?–so that we can figure out when he should visit.

And I think I’ll start with a writing session, which always seems to energize me for other work.


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  1. I can do reading and some class planning in the evenings, but increasingly I just can’t get any grading done in the evenings. Is it just middle-aged brain? So once or twice a week I find myself getting up at 5:00 a.m. or even earlier and getting an hour or more of serious, efficient grading done. I’ve been happier since I finally just recognized that this is my new pattern and don’t even try to grade at night.

    I find myself a little jealous of your candidate who took the other job. Never in my life have I had job offers that I could choose between (although I guess I had choices of schools I could attend, which is a similar phenomenon … just much longer ago!). Anyway, I hope that the new candidate works out.


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