Dress your family in corduroy and denim

I wear black pants to school approximately 80% of the time, with…something on top…usually a solid-colored shirt, maybe about half the time with a scarf.  Most of the rest of the time, it’s a black skirt ditto.  For really wild days, I have one brown skirt with a matching cardigan, and I also have a black tank dress that I wear with an overshirt, a jacket, or a cardigan.

And that’s about it.  Also, some of these clothes are a little too big on me now, which is a fine problem to have when one has been trying to lose weight, but there are some key items that really should fall out of the rotation.

If I could add one item to my wardrobe right now, it would be a pair of colored pants that I could wear with a black or neutral top.  But pants shopping…I’m going to spend some of my precious weekend time pants shopping?  

Well, maybe.  And what else will I be doing today?

  • Writing goals for the week and group update
  • Laundry
  • FA paperwork for the Snork Maiden’s summer program application
  • Some form of exercise
  • Grocery/Target (which is where the pants shopping might happen)
  • Prep for NLNRU class
  • Prep for two student meetings
  • Dinner and the Oscars (or some part thereof) at my mom’s

That last one means I have about eight hours for all the other stuff–which is a reasonable amount of time and can also include some breaks, including a nice nap, if I’m feeling so inclined.  I have SA prep and grading to do, but I think the list above is enough for now.  (NLNRU definitely looms over my weekends more now that I’m teaching on Monday nights, and SA is more likely to get back-burnered.)



4 responses to this post.

  1. I have to laugh because my uniform consists of black, brown, or khaki chinos, a knit shirt or cardigan, and about half the time a scarf. I need to improve the variety of clothes in rotation, but I’ve put on a few pounds in the past year and am feeling too dumpy to think about clothes much right now. I’m hoping in a couple of months to be in the position you are, in which clothes are loose enough that I am willing to put up with the annoyance of shopping!


    • Posted by meansomething on February 26, 2013 at 7:11 am

      Well, I didn’t actually go shopping or anything, but we might be moving toward that drastic move. Khaki pants–there’s an idea!


  2. Posted by Pym Fan on February 25, 2013 at 5:00 am

    I think I’d rather go to the dentist than shop for pants. Ugh.


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