About a boy

Today I spoke with the fellow who has the offer from us.  He had a few questions, but I had the distinct sense that they weren’t really dealbreakers one way or the other.  He told me that he has another offer, from a school that is somewhat more geographically desirable for him, but I got the impression that the school itself is less appealing than SA is.  He sounded pretty impressed by our school and department, which was nice to hear, of course.  I told him that it sounds like he has two good choices and it’s going to be a question of which one feels right (or right-er).

And for us, I think that this is a good situation to be in.  If he’d really rather be at the other place, he can pick it, and we won’t have a colleague who wishes he were somewhere else.  If he picks us, well, it’s human nature to get behind the decisions we make until we’re proven otherwise, right?  So we should benefit from the effect of his having chosen us over the other place.

This fellow, by the way, is just coming off the second of two one-year replacement positions, so I’m guessing he will try to stay in one place for a few years before trying to move again–at least, I think this would be a good idea.  One is in a stronger position if one has been successful somewhere for a stretch.  Elinor, last I heard, had a verbal offer from a school in her new location, and had two more campus visits lined up–can’t wait to catch up with her next week.

The GGE has a couple of other candidates lined up if this one decides on the other school, and he’ll move on those quickly if he doesn’t get a yes fairly soon.  I pretty much expect to hear something on Monday–either that we’re getting a new colleague or that we’re getting a new candidate.


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