The fermata

vizziniAs we wait to see whether the job-offer recipient will take our job or not, February continues apace.  The three of us who teach sections of the “regular” junior class–Dr. Tea, Gwendolen, and I–are starting blogs to use with our students as we read our Vonnegut novel together.

The school has a pretty conservative attitude toward blogs–at this juncture, anyway; they are in the password-protected area of the school website, and at this point the general policy is that class blogs are open to class members and to other teachers, but not to the school at large or to parents (although we have to assume that anything we write might be viewed by more or less anyone, anyway).  My guess is that, as with so many things SA, this tight control will relax gradually.  And, as a soon-to-be administrator, I actually appreciate this hard line, so that we can make most of our mistakes in relative privacy–although eventually I think I would like to open it all up more.

And what else?

Finally read It’s Kind of a Funny Story and liked it very much.

Have done some writing this week, getting back on track with my weekly goals after two nearly useless weeks.  Went to another meeting of the writers’ group–there were fewer people this time (hey, it’s February), but we did a very good critique of a very good but still improvable story, and made some tentative plans for a weekend retreat in April–which I’d love to do if I can.

The Snork Maiden and I had a good, if too short, visit with Stubb.

Another weekend approaches, with its usual cartload of tasks.  I hope I’ll be able (I’ll probably need) to do some blogging then.


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