The honourable schoolboy

The prospective candidate was quite good, both in his sample class and in his interactions with us.  He appeared to have the relevant skill set and seemed like someone we would be able to work with.  There was pretty broad agreement about this, and it seems possible that the GGE will make him an offer.  We could wait around and look at some other people, but it’s possible this fellow won’t be on the market for long.

That’s how rapidly hiring happens here.  I would say that our hiring success is no worse than any institution where I’ve worked, and maybe better.  This is the process that, in the time I’ve watched it, brought us Dorothea, Romola, and Dinah.  (Of course, it also brought us Alpha–though I wasn’t here when she was hired–and Maddie, who didn’t work out so great.)  Now we have Elinor leaving (and she was a great hire), and Ph.D. Guy and maybe this new person coming in as well.

I’m curious whether he has other offers on the table.  He mentioned interviewing at a religious school in the area, but I think we would be a better fit.  More will be revealed, I suppose.

Off to visit Stubb this three-day weekend.


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