The candidate

Today is a busy teaching day for me, but the thing that’s sitting on my mind this morning is the job candidate we’ll be seeing.  Gamma is going to cover the second half of my double period this morning so that I can watch him teach Romola’s freshmen.

I certainly feel a heightened interest compared to previous candidates–it’s always interesting to check out a potential colleague, but knowing that I will be this person’s supervisor if we hire him lends a new intensity to my scrutiny!  It’s such a short time to get to know someone–our candidates swoop in and out in one day.  He’s already been vetted in person by the GGE at a hiring conference, which helps.  Also, he has a very loosely scheduled last couple of hours on campus, so I may be able to spend a little time with him after the busy part of my teaching day is over (I’m occupied pretty much four hours straight in the morning, but free after lunch).



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  1. As someone who has been a candidate in independent schools and done hiring, I know how observing for a single period can seem daunting. Fortunately there are some great tools available for keeping track of observations. I have found that Danielson’s frameworks can serve as a good starting point for a team to focus observations (but I never work with the entire document, and we always customize.)

    I blog about issues in independent school leadership and learning. We might find room for some interesting dialogue.



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