Tuesdays at the castle

The week is going well so far, but not my writing goals.  Just keeping up with my regular teaching and prep at both institutions, plus whatever jack-in-the-boxes spring up, is taking all my faculties right now.  Tonight, I still need to:

  • write
  • finish writing two assignments for tomorrow
  • read contest mss.
  •  work on those alumni interview writeups (B & C)

It might be that I should triage those things in this way:

  • TONIGHT: write and read contest mss. (which need to be finished tomorrow)
  • TOMORROW MORNING, EARLY: finish writing assignments (historically, this sort of thing goes better in the morning)

There’s something going on every day and/or night this week.  On Wednesday, I’m taking the Snork Maiden for a haircut.  On Thursday, there’s a long meeting after school, and we’re having dinner with my father, who’ll be in town.  We have a job candidate coming on Friday, which is my hard teaching day, but I’ve been able to get Gamma to cover a class for me so that I can watch the candidate teach–and the Snork Maiden has a soccer game after school.  And on Saturday, we’re going to visit Stubb.

I think we’d better do some packing on Wednesday.



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  1. You get a lot done.


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