Hard eight

It doesn’t help that I’ve been getting sleepy so darned early lately.  It’s probably just the usual hibernating impulses of winter.

A lovely afternoon, but not too much else happening.  Well,

  1. Wrote several necessary emails
  2. Returned overdue library book
  3. Worked out
  4. Mailed manuscript
  5. Made dinner

The Big Thing I have to do tomorrow is to write comments to a student on a manuscript.  This might be the work of two hours, but I’m totally blowing it up in my mind.

Okay, I just went and looked at the thing–“touched work”–and yes, I can certainly do this.  I think the thing is to get it done before noon.  The other thing that needs to be done before noon is to take the Snork Maiden to get a birthday present for a friend.

These are the things I really need to do on Sunday:

  1. Work out (I have had such a hard time doing this during the week that I need to take advantage of the weekends.)
  2. Finish my weekly writing goals and post an update to the online group.
  3. The Big Thing.  It’s under way…might not be finished until Monday.
  4. The birthday present.
  5. New assignment sheet for my AP classes.
  6. Prep NLNRU class.
  7. ETA: Yikes, one more NLNRU task I forgot about.
  8. ETA: Yikes, also need to prep a writing assignment for juniors on “Bartleby.”
  9. Laundry, pay a few bills, more dishes, miscellaneous prep for the week.

The following tasks do not have to be finished tomorrow, but my life will feel better if I am able to give each of them even a soupçon of time:

  1. Touching base with three other students and their work.
  2. Writeups of college alumni interviews.
  3. A few emails on administrative matters.
  4. Clean out my car.
  5. Some conference business.

And here are a couple of errands I could keep putting off but would like to do:

  1. Return a few items to Target and buy water pitcher filters. 
  2. Go to DSW and look for a pair of brown boots, now that I have a nice new pair of $20 Lands’ End boot-cut jeans.  Hey, they opened a new DSW that’s very convenient to our school commute.  Maybe we’ll stop there one day this week.
  3. Go to Sears and have them remove the inventory control tag they accidentally left on the second pair of $20 jeans!

Finally, I don’t care about the Super Bowl, but I would like to stop by my mom’s house and spend a little time with the members of my extended family who do.  This will depend on when the Snork Maiden returns from her friend’s birthday adventure.  (No, I didn’t figure out a way to get the whole day to myself, but it doesn’t really matter, because much of what I have to do will keep me at the desk, anyway.)

One thing I know about myself is that an early start is usually a big help to my productivity and to my frame of mind, so as soon as I’ve chatted with Stubb, I think I’ll put myself to bed.  (The Snork Maiden wants to stay up awhile, which is OK with me.  I think she’s reached the age at which I can no longer enforce a regular bedtime on weekends.)


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