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Tender is the night

Back from Monday night’s NLNRU class, I am wired in the usual way, so that even though the Snork Maiden has to be at school before 7, necessitating a 6:30 ETD, I am still up past 11.  Oh well.  I won’t miss this part, but my class is good and I am enjoying it.

Bad sign at SA, though: it’s not even Farch yet, but people are getting a little bit testy and fractious.  Or maybe it’s just Romola, who had a hard time getting through all her grading and is moving apartments, to boot.  We had an emergency drill today and Dinah, who was teaching in our room when the drill happened, forgot to bring Romola’s homeroom emergency backpack with her to the assembly area.  Dr. Tea forgot to bring mine, too, but it was seriously no big deal.  The backpacks have first-aid supplies, family contact info, and class rosters so that we can check our attendance at the field.  Romola was bent out of shape because she didn’t have her class roster.  These kids have been her homeroom for three years, though.  It’s not like she and the kids can’t figure out if anyone’s missing.  And part of the point of the drill is–as she acknowledged–to practice what you might do if things get screwed up, anyway.

A small tempest in a very small teapot.  But: I will soon be chairing the teapot! And Romola and Dinah will probably be sharing a room next year!  So I really hope that Romola, who can definitely nurse a grudge, won’t decide to nurse this one.

Wait!  If Romola and Dinah are going to share a room, does that mean I might get my own room next year?  Yes, it does–mean that I might, anyway.  It all depends on whether we can wedge Ph.D. Guy in somewhere that there isn’t currently an English teacher!  (I say “we,” but it isn’t our decision–the GGE is apparently working on it, but I won’t be shocked if we go through multiple potential arrangements until a plan is settled upon.  Gamma, by the way, has her own room, but is currently pregnant and planning to be on maternity leave for the first couple of months of next year.  I am bracing myself for the possibility that we will have to defend her territory–I mean, if she decides to take a reduced schedule when she comes back, she probably will have to share her room, but my view is that as long as she is a full-timer she has her own room by virtue of her seniority.  So I think we need to take a dim view of even any temporary arrangements that involve someone else setting up camp in her room, although I also think SA is sensitive about things like not changing someone’s working conditions while she is off on maternity leave.  The current plan–and this could also change–is that we will cover her courses in-house, so scheduling this year is going to be even more tricky than usual, if such a thing can be imagined.)