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Through the looking-glass

Okay, here’s one other reason I’m sorry not to be going to AWP this year: I could really use a couple of days off on my own.  The routine is starting to get to me (even though we’ve really only just gotten back to it).  I’m tired of being the go-to person for everything in the household and everything the Snork Maiden needs.  She’s a pretty competent thirteen-year-old, but I do still need to tell her to put this in her backpack and put that away and clean this up and by the way did you practice?  Also, there are fits of teenaged pique and frustration and school drama.  I don’t mind any of these things individually, but the whole experience is just so much more manageable when there is another parent around to do some of the last-minute errands and the ferrying around and just generally to absorb the emotional excess.  Thank goodness that Stubb is accessible by phone and Skype and that schedules usually work out so that they can chat and reconnect most days.

I don’t see a weekend I could get completely off on my own for a while, but I’m wondering if I could manage 24 hours just by myself, at home, like maybe next Sunday?

There are, by the way, some really fantastic things about being on my own with the Snork Maiden.  We haven’t been having a lot of adventures, but we’ve been having a reasonably peaceful and pleasant time with some socializing and some experimenting around the home routines, especially with cooking.  I love driving to and from school with her, and I’ve been quietly pleased with her sense of competence and ownership around the things she does at school.  She still regrets not having a really close, trusted girlfriend, but she’s become quite friendly with a classmate who’s new this year, and her guy friends remain loyal.  And she’s been doing very well academically.

Wow!  As I was writing this post, the mom of one of her guy friends called to see if she wanted to join them on a top-secret adventure for the son’s birthday.  That means she’ll be out of the house for several hours on Sunday.  Golly–I’ll have to think about whether there’s a way to stretch that out.  Unfortunately, all the grandparents will probably be involved in watching the Super Bowl, so it might be hard to find someone to drop her off or pick her up–but I’ll see what I can come up with.

The big empty

Either I’m a lazy work-avoider or I’ve gotten good at figuring out what is a waste of my time.  Or maybe neither one of those things is true, but I also think it was a good decision not to trek over to NLNRU today.  The kids were slow getting started; the Snork Maiden’s phone disappeared and was eventually discovered inside the frame of the couch, having slipped through a hole in the lining; I was getting increasingly stressed out as time slipped away.  So I didn’t go.  I think I’ll ask Miz P. to stay late on Monday so that I can go back to the office after class if I need to.

It’s kinda dumb that these files aren’t accessible to me electronically, considering that they are all actually submitted that way, but that’s another issue.