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The empty space

So last night I left the Snork Maiden and a friend on their own and went over to NLNRU SA to watch an evening of student-directed scenes and a one-act play.  Teenage acting is, of course, somewhat hit or miss; a couple of years ago, a Chekhov play was too far beyond the grasp of most of our student actors (though I’m sure they learned a lot, the reach must exceed the grasp, etc.), while Our Town worked as well as I can imagine it working with high schoolers.  The first piece, a one-act play by a senior girl, was quite beautiful and also quite well structured, although in my opinion just a bit too long–the energy went slack after a while.  The scenes were surprisingly well done–thoughtfully directed and well executed.  Talent and skill vary, of course, but a director’s good choices are usually discernible.  And we do have some quite talented students.

Now, Sunday, my brainful of things to do feels somewhat lopsided.  A big one is that I need to finish reading a bunch of applications at NLNRU in time for a meeting on Wednesday, and despite the fact that I will be there twice this week, I probably can’t get there early enough from SA to get through all the files before having to meet with students and teach on Monday, or before the meeting itself on Wednesday.  It seems as if I’ll have to go there today, which seems like a waste of time–driving there and back will take an hour and a half in the best possible traffic (which we are unlikely to have; also, the Snork Maiden and her sleepover friend are still asleep, since they were up late, and I’m not quite sure what the plan is regarding getting that friend home today).  But I don’t see an alternative.

Meanwhile, there are other things that need to be done for Monday or Tuesday, but those can be done at home or at school when I’m not teaching–both Monday and Tuesday are lighter teaching days, and I anticipate having at least three hours each day for prepping and grading and whatnot.  Do you see why I say lopsided?  My attention is tilting toward Wednesday’s deadline, while the smaller deadlines have less weight even though they’re closer.  It feels strange.

Meanwhile, the laundry is underway.  I can leave some of it for the Snork Maiden to carry out.

And tonight we have a family thing, so there’s a deadline on completing whatever it is I do today.


Looks like I’m going to have to wake up those kids.