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The story of an(other) hour

I got almost to the bottom of the pile before they arrived.  It was nice to hang out and have lunch, but it took me a while to buckle back down and knock off the last two.  So now I have two classes (total of 30) graded and have two classes (total of 28) left.  I want to work out, make dinner, and grade 10 more exams before…you guessed it, Downton Abbey*.  It would also be awesome to slip 12 minutes of writing and a little more prep and planning in there–finishing, or almost finishing, my next AP assignment sheet would be terrific.

*I’m not even all that crazy about the show.  It’s just a fun thing to watch, and Dr. Tea and Elinor and some of the history teachers (not Akela–I need pseudonyms for two of the history teachers) all watch it, so it’s also something to talk with people about.  I also like the feeling of looking forward to things, and the idea of needing to do these particular tasks by 9 p.m. so that I can watch the show is motivating.

The story of an hour

Slowpoke–I graded three last night, not five.  Got a little off track with the timing of dinner.  Broiled swordfish with a ginger-teriyaki marinade (bottled).  Yum.  The Snork Maiden, not a very adventurous fish eater, liked it.  No serious work done after dinner.  Did finish the cover letter, though, and updated my progress to the online writing group at Jodi’s blog.

So now–I have two hours before I need to stop and do some tidying because a friend is stopping by.  (She’s bringing her new girlfriend, or I wouldn’t bother tidying.)  Two hours could bring me to the end of this class and therefore past the halfway mark of grading exams.  That would be psychologically advantageous.  I think I’ll allow myself the option of stopping after one hour, tidying for twenty minutes, and then going on to the second hour.  That also gives me a little bit of wiggle room in case I can’t quite maintain the 12-minute-per-exam pace.  Okay, here goes.