Between planets

It’s a weird week.  I am feeling not entirely well, but not entirely sick.  Exams are intense, but after the first day there’s only one exam per day for most people, so the afternoons are unstructured–some kids go home, some kids hang around, the faculty are unpredictable.  (I brought the Snork Maiden home at lunch, after which I took a nap, and then got up to take her to the orthodontist.)  I graded five of my senior exams, but I’m procrastinating on finishing that class and getting on to the juniors.

I didn’t watch Downton Abbey on Monday, so I want to do it tonight–and what I really want to do before that is finish the senior exams so I can have that class done.  My grades are at school (electronic gradebook program), so I’d still have to compute their final grades tomorrow.

Tomorrow I would like to:

  1. At home in the morning: Write for 12 minutes.  Send out to a new magazine the submission that got returned today.
  2. At school, before proctoring:  Set up the room.  Score the multiple choice sections for my juniors.  Print a copy of my ms. to send out.
  3. While proctoring: Compute the senior grades (if I finish essays tonight).  Grade exams for my smallest section of juniors (11 exams, 22 essays–wait, is that reasonable?  No, probably not.  The first few will take the longest.  Five might be reasonable).  Spend 10 minutes on the Fussy Professional Task that is still not done.
  4. At home, after proctoring: Finally complete the Fussy Professional Task.  Finish the smallest section of juniors (six more exams).  Write comments to one more NLNRU student.  Ask if my mom can pick up the Snork Maiden after her last exam on Friday so I can get some more grading done at school–and some prepping for the new semester.

The new semester doesn’t usually mean a lot since nearly all our classes are year-long.  As I think I’ve mentioned, though, with the ending of my one-semester senior class, I am also picking up a second-semester class, this one a yearlong American literature survey for juniors–the “regular” juniors, meaning those not in AP.  Romola taught the first half, and the same group will be continuing with me.  This will be interesting–they are already formed as a group, and I’ll be the newcomer.   Something to think about–how to come into this situation.


One response to this post.

  1. I love the less structured quality of exam weeks … but I don’t love the grading that comes along with it! Good luck getting it all done.


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