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Several large pieces of jetsam later, I am minimally prepared for today, or at least for the first part of it.  It is not a heavy teaching day at SA–I have two classes in the morning, and then a little more than three hours ’til my next one.  I will need to use those three hours well and not have too many interruptions, but I should be able to do my off-campus errand, copy my exams, and finish most of my prepping for my NLNRU student conference and class.  Then one more class and off to NLNRU–where, if traffic is no worse than usual, I should also have an hour or so (conservative estimate, as I expect to have to talk to a lot of people in the office) to mull over class and make copies and whatnot.  Once embarked on it, I expect my NLNRU class to go well, although it is going to be a very small class and the interpersonal dynamic will be important, so I’ll need to put some care into establishing that.

And after today, the rest of the week should be quite nice from my perspective, although I won’t say that to my students, who are taking five or more exams this week.  I am proctoring a lot–three times, which is one more than usual for a teacher who is also grading–but Penelope needed this favor and I saw it as an opportunity to help her out.  And of course I will have to grade 58 exams.  I have a whole week to do it in, though, and the Snork Maiden and I will be going home early most days, and I have no classes to prep–okay, that’s not really true, since the new semester starts next week, but it will definitely be a change of pace.  This will be an excellent week, for example, to get back into something resembling regular exercise–I’ve worked out a few times since being sick, but it’s been erratic.  I also have an exciting melange of writing and writing-related goals this week.  Let me–and the Snork Maiden–just stay healthy and get through it all!