Quite ugly one morning

See, the only problem with my grand plan is that by Sunday evening after an early dinner I also became very, very tired.  It was a busy day.  My niece got an ear infection and had to be taken to the urgent care, where I did my best not to expose her to the array of alarming symptoms being displayed by other children (vomiting, mostly, and a really flamboyant rash) in order to get her a bottle of what generations have known as the Pink Medicine (liquid amoxicillin, if you happen not to know). It smells exactly as it did when I was a child, and why shouldn’t it?

The Snork Maiden has been reviewing for exams with surprising diligence and equanimity.  And all she wanted in the world was to be able to rent the Keira Knightley/Matthew MacFayden Pride and Prejudice to watch this evening.  So on the way to SA, I swung by Barnes and Noble and bought her a copy of the DVD.  She’s set for the night.

And I…well, two and a half hours to Downton Abbey, and I am pretty sure I have more than two and a half hours of work left to do.  I’m deciding which tasks are jetsam and have commenced mentally flinging them overboard.

I’m also wondering whether a short nap might be refreshing, or will it screw up my sleep for the rest of the night.  Maybe I need to skip Downton Abbey and catch it a different night instead.  I don’t know.  I liked my plan, but it’s good to know when it’s time to change the plan.


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