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Quite ugly one morning

See, the only problem with my grand plan is that by Sunday evening after an early dinner I also became very, very tired.  It was a busy day.  My niece got an ear infection and had to be taken to the urgent care, where I did my best not to expose her to the array of alarming symptoms being displayed by other children (vomiting, mostly, and a really flamboyant rash) in order to get her a bottle of what generations have known as the Pink Medicine (liquid amoxicillin, if you happen not to know). It smells exactly as it did when I was a child, and why shouldn’t it?

The Snork Maiden has been reviewing for exams with surprising diligence and equanimity.  And all she wanted in the world was to be able to rent the Keira Knightley/Matthew MacFayden Pride and Prejudice to watch this evening.  So on the way to SA, I swung by Barnes and Noble and bought her a copy of the DVD.  She’s set for the night.

And I…well, two and a half hours to Downton Abbey, and I am pretty sure I have more than two and a half hours of work left to do.  I’m deciding which tasks are jetsam and have commenced mentally flinging them overboard.

I’m also wondering whether a short nap might be refreshing, or will it screw up my sleep for the rest of the night.  Maybe I need to skip Downton Abbey and catch it a different night instead.  I don’t know.  I liked my plan, but it’s good to know when it’s time to change the plan.

A place called ugly

It’s only Saturday night, but I think the Sunday-night blues are starting early, as I have been able to get very little done so far today, so Sunday (which is by no means an open day) is going to get sticky.  Not to mention that Monday is going to be a big, long, busy day, which knowledge never improves my Sunday nights.

My sister is out of town and her husband works during the day on the weekends, so they needed help with my wonderful niece and nephew, ages 5 and 4.  My mom and I are taking the dawn-to-2-p.m. shift, which today fell disproportionately on her because I was ferrying the Snork Maiden around for part of it.  She keeps telling me she can manage both kids by herself, which she can, but why should she, you know?  (“Because you have enough on your plate,” she says–also true, of course.  But.  Two of them is a lot for a person her age.)  My idea was for me to take one of them with me on some errands that I need to do anyway.  The Snork Maiden is studying for exams and can be left on her own for several hours.

I have about an hour tonight before I want to sit down with the Snork Maiden and watch a movie, pretty much the only recreational thing we’ll do together this weekend.  And so before that I think it would be a good idea to touch work (tm Z/Profacero) on the following projects:

  1. Write for 12 minutes so that I can meet my online writing group goal for the week.
  2. 10 minutes starting a writeup for the college alumni interview I did today.
  3. 8 minutes should be enough to sort the laundry if the Snork Maiden helps.
  4. 10 minutes on prep for my Monday night NLNRU class.  That was really worth doing, I have my hooks into it now.
  5. 1o minutes writing comments to a student on her play draft (doubt I will didn’t finish, but good to have this underway as I have other student work to comment on tomorrow).
  6. 10 minutes cleaning up the kitchen.

The big things tomorrow, apart from the child care, are:

  1. Write for 12 minutes and post my progress to the group.
  2. Spend about an hour at SA on my way home from my sister’s, getting some work in order for Monday (mostly recording grades and printing out grade reports to have first thing Monday).
  3. Laundry (I can ask the Snork Maiden to keep it moving along in the morning).
  4. Comments to students (this is about two hours’ work if done properly).
  5. Finish prepping for NLNRU class.

See, once again it is NOT TERRIBLE.  It is four or five hours of work, maybe less.  I have a bunch of piddling things to do as well that will take five to twenty minutes each, and I want to have a relaxed dinner with the Snork Maiden.  I should have it all done by 9 PM and then I can watch Downton Abbey!