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The ticking is the bomb

This blog post is an attempt to get myself to wake up and do the rest of the stuff, or at least the stuff that I can’t put off until tomorrow afternoon, salted with some other stuff that could hypothetically be put off, but I think I’ll feel better if I knock a few more items off the list.  The carrot is Downton Abbey, which I will allow myself to stay up ’til 11 to watch (assuming I can), and the stick is the mess I will be in if I don’t get some of this stuff done.

I’m going to start, however, with a 12-minute writing session–because, honestly, I do have the time, and because it always calms me down.  And what else?

  1. Write for 12 minutes.
  2. Spend 15 minutes working on Fussy Professional Task that I don’t quite know how to do and have therefore been putting off.
  3. Knock out four emails.
  4. Prep some handouts for my three AP classes so that I can swoop in first thing in the morning and copy them; decide how to allot time in those classes.
  5. Email Stubb about the info I need him to unearth for the financial aid application.
  6. Finish the laundry and dishes.

See, it is really not as bad as it feels.  It’s just Sunday night, and I often get wigged out on Sunday night.

And here’s some of the other stuff I have gotten done:

  1. Worked up a submission plan for the book ms., and prepped the envelope to mail off to a contest tomorrow.
  2. Put together an absolutely kickass literary journal submission, complete with graceful and dignified cover letter, and printed it up to mail tomorrow.  And hey, did I mention that I had a poem accepted right before winter break, from the place that sent me a Good Rejection over the summer?  I don’t think I did!  I am very stoked.
  3. Set up some Miz P. babysitting for my NLNRU class and so that I can attend a writers’ group; talked with my mom about having the Snork Maiden if I go to AWP.
  4. Necessary conversation with NLNRU chair; now I probably don’t have to go there this week.
  5. Ordered flowers for my aunt’s 67th birthday.
  6. Wrote four or five professional emails that needed to get written.
  7. Snork Maiden stuff: took her to SA to get books from her locker; ferried her to the movies; cooked a simple but yummy dinner for both of us (why have I never baked sweet potatoes before?); served as a sounding board for a middle-school issue.
  8. Worked out.

Okay, it worked: I do feel calmer and more awake.  Here I go!