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The travelling rug

I need to decide whether to go to AWP this year, and since I have a to-do list as long as my arm filled with more pressing things to do, of course I am choosing to perseverate about the AWP thing this morning.  Seriously, though, preregistration ends January 23, and NLNRU needs to know, like, now.



It’s fun to spend time with MW—I enjoy seeing other people, but she is the big attraction.  If she weren’t going, this decision would be easier. It’s a hassle—a long trip for a few days.  And I just flew 2,000 miles feeling like crap, so I’m not excited about my next plane trip.  Oh, and we lose an hour on Sunday (Daylight Savings).
NLNRU will pay the travel, hotel, and meals; if I’m rigorous about receipts, I should be out very little money. It’s expensive anyway—I spend money on books, journals, incidentals.


Because of the way the schedule falls, I would only miss each class once.  My AP classes could do practice tests. Getting everything ready for a sub.  Coming back to a pile of grading.
It’s a good-citizen thing to do for NLNRU.



I would be the senior citizen (ha) with most of the responsibility for our table.
The general buzz of the conference, the running into people, maybe hearing a couple of great sessions or panels. The increased chances of getting sick again (air travel, thousands of people in crowded rooms).
I could also spend time at our conference table. I’ll end up spending the entire conference in the book hall.
The Snork Maiden could probably stay with my mom. The hassle of getting the Snork Maiden packed and prepared to spend two school days and two weekend days at my mom’s house.
I like Boston and would like to see people who live there. There’s rarely much time for actually experiencing the city or doing much outside the conference—although flight schedules suggest I could hang out Sunday morning.

Well, that’s not conclusive, though I admit that the schedule thing is kind of cheering–I like that the impact on my classes would be minimized.  I guess the big question is what do I really want to do?  Will I regret it if I go, and feel it wasn’t worth the hassle?  Will I be sad if I stay?

A big question mark is the book, too.  It doesn’t hurt to get in there and talk to people about it.  I think I’m in a place with it where I’d be willing to approach several editors, and I can think of a few I probably should approach.  If I do go, that needs to be part of the plan.