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Finishing the picture

Here’s how the year ended: with the Snork Maiden and me getting sick in Stubb’s hotel room.  Here’s how the year began: with us flying woozily home and trying to pull ourselves together for two days of school.  (She ended up staying home; I went in, but was able to come home early both days.)  And here’s what this weekend looks like: trying to catch up on everything I didn’t do in the last five days, while also doing the things I was already supposed to do this weekend.  While still tired and a bit nauseated.  So my frame of mind could be better than it is.  The break really was nice up to the point of getting sick; it’s rotten how getting sick wiped out the gains of becoming well rested and less stressed.  And I am sad about not having gotten to spend more healthy time with Stubb.  We had about eight great hours in which we were all awake, together, and enjoying ourselves, and then bam.

I can still look on the bright side: Stubb didn’t get sick, which would have been rough on him with his job.  We did manage to fly back when we had planned, and the flights went smoothly (no real delays, no lost bags, no airsickness).  I met all my classes once (I got coverage for the one that met on Friday afternoon).  And while we’re both a little wobbly, we feel well enough to function this weekend and should be well on our way to being caught up by Monday.

Even feeling punk, it was nice to be back at SA.  My colleagues were sympathetic about my not feeling well, and several offered to cover classes if I needed them.  (Hilda van Gleck, one of whose functions is to handle substitutions, provided a sub for the class I missed on Friday.)  The kids were simultaneously all excited about being back and theatrically grouchy about having to come back so early; one of my classes was fairly inert, but the others were good.

I’m going out to run a couple of errands with the Snork Maiden, then back to 1) write a slew of emails I’ve ignored for a week; 2) work on one of my goals for the new writing group (yay); 3) keep ploughing through the catch-up list.  (One thing I have made progress on today is the SA financial aid application for next year; getting it started and figuring out some of what I need to do has made me less anxious about it, though I’m sure there are one or two freakouts ahead.)