Throwing in the towel

I think I’ll still finish ’em tomorrow (ten early in the morning before school, ten during my free block, a couple at lunch should do it), but I just can’t do any more tonight.  I got another good one–and these aren’t necessarily from the best writers in the class, but from the people who had the most interest in what they were trying to say (BIG SURPRISE).  But overall this is a very dispiriting exercise.  I wrote up notes for what I’ll say as I give them back that will be appropriately stern and supportive at the same time, and have also made some related decisions on what we’ll do in the week between returning and doing the final.

One of the things I will say, as kindly as I can, is that very few of these papers made me want to read past the opening paragraph.  Very few of them made me feel that the writer wanted to write past the opening paragraph.  And I doubt that many of them did…

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