Live blogging the grading marathon

So I didn’t finish the junior class papers, but I did give the seniors (whom I won’t see tomorrow) their papers back.  Now I have 32 papers remaining for the juniors, at least 18 of which I need to finish before I go to bed–between a free block and lunch tomorrow, I should be able to get 14 of them done during the day.

The sad part is that they really aren’t good.  This wasn’t a successful assignment–or at least it wasn’t an immediately successful assignment; what it does do fairly successfully is showcase for me how underdeveloped their argumentation skills really are.  They can make a claim and “support” it with “reasons,” but their sense of what constitutes evidence in a persuasive essay not based on a literary work is really pretty hollow.  Their sense of audience also sucks–they sound like lonely figures on big empty stages, showily declaiming to no one.

I think part of the problem is that I wrote a prompt that wasn’t fundamentally awful, but for which they just weren’t ready.



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