The doctor’s dilemma

Remember Ph.D. Guy?  I am happy to say that the GGE offered him, and he accepted, a position for next year.  We’re all very pleased.  The official offer is for a combined English and social studies position, but I expect that he will end up teaching most of his courses in English.

I should probably write and congratulate him and say how excited we are to have him as a colleague.  I’m not absolutely sure of the etiquette around this (there’s usually pretty minimal contact right after someone is hired, and this is very early in the year for someone to be hired, anyway), but can’t hurt, right?  I am also wondering about the etiquette of inviting him to sit in on some classes during the rest of the year.  Having made the transition to high-school teaching, I know how much it can help to watch other teachers in action–and he’s got a much more flexible schedule now than he will have in the fall.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Both of those sound like great, helpful ideas to me!


  2. That’s exciting! And I think that any reaching out in collegiality is a good thing. Maybe let Dr. Tea know that you’re doing so, but I think it’s a kind thing to do! I would have loved to receive such a kind email from a colleague after I was hired but hadn’t yet started at the new job.


  3. […] whom I now refer to as Dinah and Orsino, back when we hired Dinah instead of Orsino–but then hired Orsino the following year.)  We have a new head beginning this summer, someone I think will be very […]


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