Not exactly what I had in mind

So, naturally, the Snork Maiden got sick today.  It might have been a psychosomatic stomachache related to Stubb’s leaving, but I don’t think it was a fake stomachache–just that it might have been one with emotional roots.  Or it’s a small bug, the kind that grips your guts right behind the belly button–I had a touch of that a week ago and I’ve heard that there are a couple of different stomach things going around.

She’s feeling better this evening and did her homework, so I guess she’ll go to school tomorrow–and that’s the week.

I’m still swimming along with the various kinds of stuff I had/have to do–although I have now adopted the jettison method and am almost-randomly moving things onto the “do over or after Thanksgiving” list.  Feeling extremely annoyed with NLNRU right now–having that “is it me, or is it them?” feeling.  I’m going to give fifteen more minutes to the piece of bullshit that’s currently up on my screen, and then I’m going to work out, and then, quite shortly afterwards,  I am going to bed.


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  1. I hope that the Snork Maiden is now feeling better and that you all had a nice Thanksgiving and are enjoying a few days away from both schools.


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