The empty chair

This is going to be a short week, but as so often seems to happen, there will probably be five days’ worth of aggravation in it.  But!  It will not last for five days!  So hooray!  In fact, 48 hours from now, if all goes more or less as expected, I should be kicking back, enjoying a drink, and not nagging the Snork Maiden to finish her homework.

Stubb is off beginning his adventure, hence the title of this post.  Miz P is back on duty, picking the Snork Maiden up from school on the nights I teach at NLNRU.  There are only three classes left in the semester, fortunately.

I’ve sketched out a tentative plan for getting everything done that needs to be done by the end of Tuesday.  Demanding, but doable.

Will I hold to my annual tradition of obsessively planning out a balanced diet of writing, work, fun, exercise, etc., for Thanksgiving break?  Er–maybe.  Unlike some other years, I’m not feeling strangled going into the break; I shouldn’t be at a particularly difficult point work-wise, and I’ve been moving slowly, haltingly, yet unmistakably forward in my writing this semester, thanks to Dame Eleanor’s writing group.  So I’m less motivated than in previous years to fling myself into a scheduled frenzy of achievement.  But I’m still me–a person who likes to be able to see what she has done with her time–and I know I’ll get very down and gloomy next Sunday afternoon if I feel I’ve let the break pass by without really taking advantage of it.  Taking advantage means lots of things–writing time, more sleep, having fun with the Snork Maiden, spending time with family and friends all count.  Tidying, exercise (especially if this weird strain-type injury I seem to have done to my foot is better by then), those are good too.

Actually, I’d love to go clothes shopping, as I am noticing that a few of my favorite garments are starting to look a little bit too worn to wear to work, though still perfectly fine for around the house and out to the grocery store–but I do gather that a lot of people have that idea on Thanksgiving weekend, and I generally try to avoid being in places to which a lot of people flock during the times they are expected to flock there.

So maybe not the mall?


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m sorry that Stubb won’t be around for Thanksgiving, although perhaps that will make the next few days less like a Holiday (which in my experience can bring with them a frenzy of obligations) and more like a holiday, a chance to kick back a little.

    And yes, I think I would avoid the mall!


  2. Posted by meansomething on November 20, 2012 at 4:26 am

    Usually because of work, Thanksgiving escapes that Holiday thing. It helps that we go to Stubb’s parents’ and that we don’t have to clean the house. Kicking back is high on my list. I hope you and D. have a great holiday and that the Holiday part is manageable!


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