Archive for October 20th, 2012

David Boring

Please come back.  I promise–no more room stories.

The weather today:  Cool and overcast.  A little drizzly.  Very nice after a mini-heatwave.

Best thing I’ve eaten today: Raspberries.  Season’s not quite over yet.  Or else these are genetically altered zombie raspberries.  Yum.

I almost cried today when: I went to watch one of my former students become an Eagle Scout and he presented his “Mentor” pin to his older brother, whom I watched become an Eagle Scout two years ago.

Why I’m going early to SA before the play I’m seeing there tonight: Three college recommendations left to write for kids who have November 1 deadlines, and the college counselors really want us to get them in, like, yesterday.

How long I napped this afternoon: About half an hour, and it was divine.

Other stuff I’ve done today: Worked out.  Cleared off the detritus on the dining room table and put a fresh cloth on.  Laundry.  Read Joseph Anton.

See you soon.