I am one of those annoying people who, when she drinks, really can’t shut up about it.  If I go out to dinner with Stubb and order a beer, about halfway through the beer I will announce, “Oh, this beer is nice.  I feel just a little bit less concerned about everything.”  If I actually drink up to the point that I feel a little wobbly when I walk to the bathroom, needing to concentrate just a bit more than usual on walking in a straight line and not bumping into anything, I will peer interestedly at my flushed face in the mirror, then return to the table and say, “I think I’m a little buzzed!  I feel a little woozy.  It feels good.”  Seriously, I am very boring in this way.  Maybe if I drank more often, I would learn to shut up about it.

Anyway, I’ve had two glasses of wine.  Can you tell?

Because I have to drive so much, I often can’t drink when I would really like to; for example, after yesterday’s NLNRU faculty meeting.  I was going to run at the track instead, but I had to get home to the Snork Maiden.  But the meeting was basically okay.  It meant that the week was pretty front-loaded with NLNRU, but I may not have to go there again this week (until an event on Sunday), which would be great.

So far, this year at SA seems to be a particularly good one in terms of connecting with students.  Even in my sixth year, there are still surprises–and growth, too.  I am naturally a somewhat reticent person, and while I think I’ve always been receptive to students who want to talk about personal things, I’ve probably erred on the side of not encouraging it.  (I’ve found it creepy sometimes when teachers seek out personal connection, which of course it can be, but isn’t always.)  This year, I have found myself pressing just a little, if I sense a student wants to talk but needs encouragement.  With my new classes, I’ve become a bit more familiar in my manner, a bit earlier than in previous years.  It’s subtle, but it feels like a change.  It might also be that instead of having mostly ninth-graders, I now have mostly eleventh-graders, and it feels like we kind of know one another already.  I’ve taught maybe a third of them before, and a lot of them I just kind of know and/or they kind of know me.

It feels good.  Kind of like this glass of wine.  Oops, there I go again.  Shut me up already.


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