Oh, it’s been great to have this weekend.  And it’s still Daylight Savings Time, and the days are still longish, and these have been two quite satisfying weekend days, with not too much planned, and with a lot of tasks struck off the list–and still more to come before bed.  And Stubb will be getting home late tonight and staying until Wednesday.

This week will be the first one in which everything is going full blast (because Labor Day gave us a four-day week and also a miss on my Monday night class).  I have to go to NLNRU both Monday, for class, and Tuesday, for a meeting, thereby missing most of Stubb’s time at home–which obviously I don’t love, but at least he can stay with the Snork Maiden.  And then my “hard day” this term falls on Wednesday this week–“hard day” meaning teaching three classes for four hours in the morning with only a ten-minute break and the usual five-minute passing periods, but with the afternoon free.  Some people do have hard days that have them teaching every period, which, thank goodness, I do not have.  In spring, I’ll have one day on which all four of my classes meet, but there’ll be breaks in the form of assembly and lunch.

Still working out the kinks in the new schedule with all the room-changing and like that.  I have to think ahead a bit more in terms of what I need to take with me from my own room.  Teaching in Gamma’s room is actually quite comfortable, and Gwendolen’s room is okay so far, although it’s a class of somewhat passive seniors and I think it might help to reorganize the chairs somewhat.

I hit the writing goal I set in Dame Eleanor’s group, and set a less ambitious one for this upcoming week–also set a couple of fitness goals, because exercise went pretty much out the window from Tuesday to Friday.  So we have the following goals:

  • 1,000 words on a lyric essay (wrote 270 in a short burst this afternoon)
  • 3 20-minute sessions on another project (did one)
  • 2 bodyweight workouts (did one) and 2 runs

I’ve also got several writing-related tasks I’d like to complete this week:

  • Monday: Create and send simultaneous submission to two different lit mags, P. and G.; write note to conference person.
  • Tuesday: Print the book ms. and send it to: a) Contest B; b) R.M. (person who has expressed interest); order books relevant to independent study
  • Wednesday: Spend half an hour working on application for summer residency (in the afternoon following that long teaching morning)
  • Thursday: order books for spring course
  • Friday: catch up on whatever didn’t get done from this list

I might be overloading on goals; we’ll see.  In case you’re curious, I am still using WorkFlowy, still finding it a big help in keeping all the current lists in front of me.



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