Second chances

I password protected the post in which I discuss three students (pseudonymously, but still). Here’s the first part of the post.  Email me if you missed it yesterday and want to read the rest.

Well, I know you’re all dying to find out how the room thing got sorted out. Penelope actually got a pretty clear directive (from the GGE, actually) not to put Dinah in with the senior social studies teacher. I kind of get this, for reasons I oughtn’t to blog about, but I’m also kind of annoyed that all these social studies teachers get all these free periods in their own rooms while we go a-wandering. However, a room was found–Dr. Tea’s, I think–and Elinor is going into it during one period so that Dinah can teach in the room they share, which means two periods for Dinah to teach in her own room. And if you’re keeping score, you know that that’s more than I get this semester. During the other period, Dinah will come into our room as scheduled.

So! Now that that’s settled, we just have…well, everything else. I’m actually not too badly off for the first day of classes on Tuesday, but I do have a ways to go in planning the rest of the first week.

As I plan, though, I’m getting excited about the classes and the students in them. I know I complained about the makeup of my sections, and it’s true that I’m disappointed by not having some students I think are particularly terrific. Actually thinking about what I will do on the first day of class, though, is bringing everyone into the classroom in my mind’s eye, and there I am getting a glimpse of the wonderful community each one of those classes has the potential to be.

In particular, I’m thinking about two or three students I wish I’d connected with better when I had them as freshmen. Now I get another chance to teach them and to bring out something wonderful. Let me think about a few of them for a minute.

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