So. (That’s how Heaney translates “Hwaet” at the beginning of Beowulf, by the way.)  So. Everything is about to begin again.  Bear with me while I organize my mind a little:

Today: Around a few family commitments (meeting my sister at the farmers’ market, laundry, taking the Snork Maiden clothes shopping, going out for dinner with visiting relative), I need to:

  1. Put the finishing touches on the syllabus I hammered out with my co-instructors at NLNRU; done except for  adding their office hours
  2. Make a handout and prep for the first session of that class; As much of this as I’m going to do today is done.
  3. Correspond with the two students with whom I’m doing a directed study this fall (probably need to meet this week); Thursday just got a little more complicated.
  4. Read a document about digital literacy to prep for SA English department meeting tomorrow. Oh, blah blah blah.  Sorry.  It was fine.  Whatever.  Done.

Monday: A long and busy day that features the start of meetings at SA and classes at NLNRU.  The chief events are:

  1. 9:30 a.m.  Meet with the new teacher I’m mentoring this year.
  2. 11:00 English Department meeting followed by faculty lunch.
  3. 7:oo p.m. First NLNRU class.
  4. 10:00 Stop in at NLNRU colleague’s birthday party after class.

Fortunately, Stubb will be home, so I don’t have to worry about where the Snork Maiden will be in all this.

Tuesday:  Stubb leaves again, so I’m guessing the Snork Maiden will spend much of the day with my mom.

  1. 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Meetings, meetings, meetings.  A full faculty meeting at SA, plus meetings with Gamma (my co-teacher in the AP class) and Elinor (my co-teacher in world lit).
  2. 2:00 A coffee date with Dr. Tea and a recent SA grad to whom I have occasionally referred as “genius girl.”  She’s leaving soon for college.
  3. Afternoon and evening at home: a couple of writing-biz projects, including prepping the ms. to send to a contest.

I decided weeks ago that I would skip the SA faculty party this evening, and I’m so glad I did.  I’ll hang out with the Snork Maiden and go to bed early.


  1. 11:30-2:30: Meetings and lunch at SA.
  2. Need to arrange rides for the Snork Maiden to her back-to-school barbecue, because
  3. NLNRU welcome-back reception in the evening.

Thursday: Blessedly, no meetings.  Back-to-school preparations with the Snork Maiden.  Time set aside to work on a couple of projects, prep syllabi for next week, create first assignment sheets (probably all done from home–easier to do at SA, but don’t want to abandon the Snork Maiden all day.  If she ends up with plans with a friend, I’ll go in).  Only scheduled event in the early evening:

  1. The high-school back-to-school barbecue.

Edited to add: Looks like I’ll probably need to go to NLNRU in the morning to meet with those students.  That’s really fine.  A little extra face time at NLNRU won’t hurt, especially the first week.  The Snork Maiden can hang out alone at home for a while.

Friday: Similar to Thursday:

  1. Skype meeting with summer conference staff.
  2. Do online signup for SA chaperone duties.
  3. Lunch plans with NLNRU colleague.

Not that bad, really–it would be a gradual ramp-up if Monday weren’t quite so packed.  Instead, it’s more like everything all at once on Monday, and then a more moderate pace for the rest of the week.  Oh well, I did say I wanted to teach on Mondays this semester at NLNRU.  And, of course, no class on Labor Day next week, which will be very handy since SA classes begin the next day.

I also notice that a lot of the items on this list are really just about showing up. Today is the exception, since I actually need to produce several things in order for tomorrow to run well.  Oh, and I guess the class tomorrow is about performance, not just showing up, but I’ve done this particular performance many times.  Once that class is over, much of the rest of the week is about appearing where I’m supposed to appear.

Of course, I do have a lot of materials to revise or create over the next eight days for the first week(s) of SA classes–syllabi, assignment sheets, summer reading activities/assessments–but I don’t see any point in fretting about those until the first NLNRU class is over.  Furthermore, I know I’ll get lots of ideas and info from my colleagues over the next couple of days (I’ve already got one good summer-reading writing assignment that will let me assess their reading and writing, and I have syllabi in various states of readiness), so I’m not even going to bother listing those now.


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  1. Whilom, the semesters begin again for many of us. I hope the year treatsyou well!


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