Eve of departure

Turns out that WorkFlowy does not beat paper for the traditional “stuff I have to do before leaving on a trip” list.  I need to be able to scribble, to reposition stuff, to make BIG CIRCLES around the important things, and to stuff the list in my pocket when I go out with canvas bags of library books, packages to mail, etc.  Otherwise, I still really like WorkFlowy.

Although I feel like I’ve done a LOT of planning for this trip, which involves several sub-journeys, two car rentals, and at least two train trips, it also feels like the most unscheduled trip I’ve had in years, because there are only a few parts I’ve completely pinned down.  I have hotel reservations or plans to stay with people (or a dorm room to sleep in, in the case of the conference I’m attending) for just five of the thirteen nights.  I’ve reserved the cars in the two places I want to have the use of a car, but haven’t bought the train tickets yet.

And I am surprisingly peaceful about this state of affairs.  I’d fantasized about having a little writers’-colony cabin in the woods, but instead I’m going to have a strangely unscheduled several days and a lot of solitude, which for me may be just as good, or even better.  I might blog more (blogging less you wouldn’t even notice).  See you soon.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Pym Fan on August 10, 2012 at 5:43 pm

    You must be really starved for solitude by now. Enjoy it! I look forward to the blogging…


  2. Looking forward to seeing you! I hope that your travels are fabulous.


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