Tuesday was not highly productive.  I wrote a bunch of pressing emails in the morning, which was good; spent the afternoon with my Denver aunt, who is in town for my mother’s birthday; had a phone meeting with my NLNRU chair.  The Snork Maiden had her exam and then went to the baseball game with Stubb, and I went home, had dinner, did some tidying up, and graded one paper and one late assignment.  Actually a perfectly productive day, except that I didn’t get close to my grading quota.

So today I’m going to SA, and I’m going to alternate grading papers and computing final grades.  I figure I need to do at least sixteen papers during the day, which is a lot, but not impossible.  I only have nineteen ungraded papers in hand as of Wednesday morning–one student sent me the wrong file–so I’m not going to feel obligated to finish for tomorrow the ones that come in today.

I have, conveniently, a haircut appointment in the mid-afternoon, which means just enough time pressure that I will stay focused–as opposed to having nothing to do the rest of the day and possibly frittering away too much of the morning.

This is actually the heaviest end-of-year grading I’ve had at SA, mostly because I took on my colleague’s class.  I’m feeling a bit grim, but focused.


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