Reality sandwiches

Going to school, putting in the attendance, fielding questions, grading student work.

Hearing about, and in some cases dealing directly with, problems large and small.  Students in trouble.  Various kinds–the acting out kind, the in-over-their-heads kind, the falling-apart kind.

Weird lovely moments having to do with the seniors, so many of whom I really do love to pieces.  (The yearbook comes out this week.  With each passing year, this event becomes more significant to me.  Know why?  Because I want to read all the senior profiles and see who thanks me in them.  Is that a little pathetic?  I don’t care.)

A sense of being in slow motion–watching the last days of the school year unfold–and also a sense of acceleration, as each passing day represents a larger and larger portion of the days remaining.

Anxiety about the grading and exam-writing and miscellaneous things that have to get done this week, next week, the week after.

Slow bubbling, on another burner, of all the stuff happening at NLNRU.

Indigestion.  Is it any wonder?


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