The probable future

I saw Ph.D. Guy last night at a book partyat NLNRU.  He liked us too, and I continue to cherish the hope that he might be an SA colleague someday.

AP tests began this week, which means that I will not have a full complement of juniors in my class for two weeks, and also that I will get to skip a whole class next Wednesday when the English Language and Composition test is given.

It sounds like I will in fact have to take on one or two sections of regular tenth grade next year (boo, this is not my first choice) and that means I have to read Paradise Lost this summer for the first time in over two decades.  One of the things I should do before this week is out is figure out what desk copies I need to request for next year (our school purchasing person handles this for us, thank goodness), and then at some point I’ll do a post on all the wonderful things I have to read before the end of August.

We are thinking about how to offer a non-credit creative writing class next year and a for-credit creative writing class the year after that and, eventually, a whole sequence of for-credit classes.  But first we have to figure out how to fit a non-credit class in the schedule.  Lunchtime?  After school?  One Saturday a month?  After AP’s, we’ll call a meeting for interested students and try to sort it out.

Meanwhile, I am treading water.  It’s hard work to stay upright.


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  1. Posted by g2-e3aeccdfae01481f9606a0bedb5510d7 on May 10, 2012 at 10:51 am

    Yes, seriously, seriously hard to stay upright! And I find myself feeling a wee bit jealous of my college-teaching friends who are turning in their final grades, although just yesterday I turned the corner on the amount of work I have to do yet this year, so I’m feeling better than I have in days.

    So do you all have regular and honors English classes? And at what point do you start that tracking? And how much pushback do you get from students and parents about those divisions? We don’t track at all in 9th and 10th grade, which I’m totally in favor of in 9th grade but feel a little more mixed about in 10th grade, especially as our range of student abilities expands (a function of the economy, really; we can’t be as selective as we have been in more flush times). But it’s also such a nightmare to make the selections for who’s in AP and who’s not that there are times (such as now, when I’ve just gone through that process) that I want to chuck the whole thing and make everything self-selection.

    Hang in there!


  2. Posted by meansomething on May 16, 2012 at 1:31 am

    We do have tracking–it used to start in ninth, and this year we eliminated the ninth-grade honors class, so it now starts in tenth. We try to be as clear and humane about the whole process as possible, but it still gets messy, and the squeaky wheels often end up getting greased. For AP’s, we have a more open-door policy, so that most students who are willing to do the work can get in. I should do a whole post on this, because on the whole, I’ve been really happy with the decision to delay honors until tenth, and it’s been an interesting experience teaching all mixed classes this year after four years of having the ninth-grade honors classes alongside the regular ones.


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