The week so far, Thursday morning edition

  • Now that I’ve taken over my colleague’s class, my “hard day,” which fell on Monday this week, has me teaching all five classes from 8 to 2:45 with a 45-minute break for lunch.  It was, indeed, a hard day.  I made things a little easier on myself by having two of my groups do 20-minute writing assignments (which I have to read, of course) and having another watch about 15 minutes of a relevant movie.  Having harder days is good for my teaching, though, because it counteracts my tendency to default to lecturing/conducting/entertaining at the front of the classroom.  All of my classes have done productive group and individual work in class this week.
  • I gave the new group a little questionnaire to help me get to know them, and I was interested to see that the vast majority of them enjoyed The Great Gatsby more than any other book they’ve read this year.
  • I love that I know almost all of these kids–of the 14, I taught 8 of them as freshmen, and I’ve worked with some of them in other capacities.  
  • We are still trying to make this hire.  So far, the youngest person in the running is in the lead, but we haven’t really fallen in love with anyone yet.  The last person is scheduled for today.  He has a Ph.D. from a very big name school and has barely taught at this level, though he’s been adjuncting a lot (including at NLNRU–but NLNRU is large, and I don’t know him).  Secretly I am rooting for him to be great with ninth-graders, but I wouldn’t bet large amounts of money on it.
  • Elinor had a dream that she and I were detectives interrogating suspects.  
  • I haven’t had any hiring dreams yet, but the Snork Maiden had a rough time on Tuesday and in addition to teaching four SA classes, prepping, and teaching my NLNRU class, I spent a good part of Wednesday with an emotional hangover from our conversation.
  • Today will be my second-hardest days–four classes and because of longer periods, the same amount of teaching time as Monday–but my AP kids are doing a multiple-choice section, the job candidate is visiting one of my classes, and in various ways, it shouldn’t feel like as much of a crunch.

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  1. Eep, I missed that you were taking over a colleague’s class. I hope everything’s okay.

    How close are you to the end of the semester?


  2. Yeah, 5 classes can be brutal, although one eventually gets used to anything. I took over a class for four months for a colleague on maternity leave, but it helped that this was at the beginning of the year, so that schedule was just the new “normal”; once she came back in January, I realized just how worn out I’d been doing all five! I have colleagues who always teach five classes, but I’d far rather do four and something else — coaching, class advising, etc. — which is the standard at my school. (And of course I’m always careful not to make any of these comments around public school teachers, with their bigger course loads and student enrollments!)

    We have four more weeks of classes and then exam week; how about you?


  3. Posted by meansomething on April 29, 2012 at 9:08 pm

    Bardiac: My colleague is leaving to have a baby, so nothing bad! Four of us are taking on her four classes. It’s hardest on Dr. Tea, because she is the only one not already teaching another section of the same class, but she’s taught it before.
    What Now?: Five weeks of regular classes, two days of review, exams.


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