Ideal landscape

Some observations:

  • One of my superpowers (shhh) is the ability to feel I am working very hard and at the same time to feel that I am slacking terribly.  Having two jobs really boosts this superpower, as you can imagine.  Sometimes I have no idea how much work I am really doing, and despite my resolution to be fabulous, I become convinced that I am screwing up royally.
  • At the moment, I am blowing off this panel discussion I have to moderate.  All I need to do to stop blowing it off is to spend about forty minutes composing an email to the panelists, as promised, in which I will tell them the questions I plan to ask.  That’s really all–yet somehow I have not been able to settle to this forty-minute (or maybe an hour) task.  I also have to finish preparing for the discussion in my first class for tomorrow, including reading a batch of short reflective responses.  I guess I’ll get up early and do that.
  • The P-zers and the G-heims were both announced recently–not that I was eligible for a P-zer or had applied for a G-heim, but some of them went to people I know, or simply people I’ve read, so I was certainly interested.  Also announced were a couple of smaller prizes that I did in fact apply for.  And did not get.  Metabolize that, move on.
  • I think I’m teaching well at the moment, but not handling the SA paper flow well.
  • We haven’t managed to make a hire at SA yet.  One candidate was not a good fit.  I wasn’t convinced the other one was either, but he got hired elsewhere first.  Two more candidates coming the end of this week.  I am communicating with the one who will guest-teach one of my classes, and I’m sorry to say that this person’s written communication isn’t impressing me a great deal so far.
  • I think that while ideally I would only deal with healthy colleagues who have a good balance of humility and confidence, on the whole I would rather deal with someone who’s a little overconfident, maybe even a tad arrogant, than with someone who tends to be insecure.  How about you?



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