Through the ivory gate

Some weird dreams this spring break, including one about giving an exam and forgetting to print and copy the multiple choice section, then encountering a ridiculous set of obstacles in the twenty minutes remaining before the end of the test.  Yuck.  Well, what is one to do–that garbage has to work its way out somewhere, I guess.  The first few days of break, I slept a lot.  I didn’t even want to–something kept dragging me to the couch.  I don’t remember my dreams from those days.

And then the exhaustion lifted and I exercised, and read, and did some tasks around the house (not enough).  I taught my NLNRU class twice, and I noticed two things: 1) When I’m on break from SA, I wake up on the morning of NLNRU class somewhat tense and edgy about teaching that night, and I feel keyed up and anxious all day; and 2) Despite #1, it’s very nice to be able to go down to NLNRU in the late morning, have lunch there, and spend all afternoon prepping and commenting on student work and doing NLNRU email.  Both days, by the time I headed to class, I was in a pretty good frame of mind, and both those classes went very well.

I met with one SA student during break, someone I taught last year and invited to work on a small project with me.  I’m moderating a discussion at NLNRU among three writers whose work I don’t know that well, on a topic in which I’m only generally interested, but which I thought that this student would like.  She’s a voracious reader and writes a lot on her own, and I also thought she could use the affirmation of being asked to explore this topic and develop some ideas about it.  So we’ve met a few times at school, and once at a coffee shop during break, to kick around ideas.  These conversations really have been helpful to me, a fact I plan to acknowledge at the panel (which I also hope she’ll attend).

There’s more to tell about this break, but I’m getting tired again.  Who knows what kind of weird dreams are on their way tonight?

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