Stranger in a strange land

This is Finish Grading the Term, Get the Tax Stuff Ready, Chaperone Student Event, and Catch Up with Summer Conference Weekend.  (But spring break starts Friday!)  So I’m just popping in for a minute to say hello and give a few updates.

  • A new addition to my spring workload.  I have a colleague I’ve never named here, someone I like who’s pretty low-drama.  She has a Ph.D. in American literature and is one of my two co-teachers in the junior course.  She’s expecting a baby in May, and is planning to stop teaching in late April, a couple of weeks after spring break.  Our other colleague, who has only appeared here as Gamma, and I will each take one of her sections and shepherd her students through the AP test and the critical paper they write afterwards.  This will mean extra work for us, of course, but 1) we’ll be paid extra,  2) most of it will happen after NLNRU’s spring semester is over, and 3) I am actually looking forward to working with her group of juniors, some of whom I taught as freshmen.
  • Since she’s not coming back, we’re hiring for someone to teach my ninth-grade classes and to fill in elsewhere as needed.  I will move into my colleague’s AP English Language classes, filling out the rest of my schedule with other junior and senior courses.
  • I didn’t get into any of the three colonies I applied to for the summer.  A bit disappointed, but not too badly.  Now I can make other plans.



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  1. […] colleague who left last spring to have a baby has stayed in touch with us, particularly with Elinor and when we were on the verge of despair […]


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