The Sunday philosophy club

So, a chance to bring my new attitude to the table.  I was tired and sore last week and I decided to take it easy wherever possible–which means, unfortunately, that I have a bunch of work to do today.  I need to compute quarter grades for my SA students so that they know where they stand going into the final, and I need to go in to SA to do it because all of the little odds and ends are still there–the piece of paper where I scrawled grades for that one quiz and forgot to add them to the gradebook, the essays that came in late or early (happens!) and didn’t get done with the others, etc.  It would be nice to be a more conscientious recordkeeper, but oh well.  I have a system that works fairly well at SA, and I tweak it a bit from time to time, and part of the system, I guess, is that I always need a mopping-up session to make it all come out properly.

So I’m going to try to go in to campus in a spirit of “awesome me wrapping up this awesome term,” rather than in a nervous, guilty mood.  I’m going to bring a few favorite CD’s, and I’ll have lunch there.  The Snork Maiden is going off for an adventure with a friend, which should give me a few hours to do the wrapping-up in, after which we will come home, have dinner, and I’ll put in an hour on the other administrative stuff that needs to get done before Monday.  Because I am good at that stuff and it shouldn’t take any longer than that.  Then I can watch The Simpsons and ice my soreness.

Then tomorrow at the end of the day, I’ll finalize my exams and copy them.  I have one essay to swap out on the AP exam, but otherwise they are pretty solid to go.



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  1. All hail the new attitude! Did it work for you on Sunday?

    And why are you aching and icing?

    I can’t remember: Is it AP Comp that you’re teaching this year? How’s it going? Mine had a rocky patch in the fall but is steaming ahead now, but I have so many fabulous ideas that there’s just not room for; I guess that’s why it will be fun to teach it year after year, as I swap out all of these potential readings and assignments.


  2. Posted by meansomething on January 26, 2012 at 8:22 am

    Yes, I finished up exams earlier and in a better frame of mind than usual, so that was good.

    I hurt my back during winter break, but it’s better now. Helps not to sit too much.

    Yes, it’s AP Comp, and it’s going pretty well. Small group (11), and I like the progress I’ve seen so far. We’re reading Gatsby now (like you, I think, we combine exam prep with an American lit course), and they are loving it, which is always fun.


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