Between the acts

Classes at SA resumed today.  This post  from last year came to mind a bunch of times today; all that energy!  All those questions!  All that talking!  Squealing and hugging in the hallways!  And good lord, these children just keep growing.  You can really see the difference in some of them.

Now we wrap up the semester and spend a few days reviewing.  Exams begin in a week.  Impatiently waiting to see what the proctoring schedule is like; typically, we don’t proctor our own subject, but pop into the exam rooms a couple of times to answer questions.  I’ve tended to proctor Spanish and geometry exams, for some reason (probably just recycling of the schedule from year to year), but the schedule has been somewhat rejiggered this year, so there may be surprises.  Usually we have at least one day completely off from proctoring.  The Snork Maiden, in seventh grade, will have three exams (eighth graders have four, high schoolers have all five core subject areas–math, English, social studies, science, and foreign language–and some have six or even seven exams, as it’s possible to double up in most of those areas, and quite common in science and language).  So she’ll get next Friday off altogether.  Stubb actually is working out of town for much of the next few weeks, so it will be useful if I don’t have to proctor on Friday.

I am pretty beat, partly because of the intensity of going back, partly because I didn’t sleep well last night (in anticipation of the intensity of going back, I’m sure!).  It was especially nice to be able to sit for lunch today with Dr. Tea,  Elinor, Akela, and a few CWPs (Colleagues Without Pseudonyms, of course).  Things are starting to wake up over at NLNRU–not too bad yet, but by the end of tomorrow, we’ll be in full swing, I make no doubt.


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  1. […] Dr. Tea and I are planning to go for a walk during the last period on Monday, which we both have free. It’s nice to have that to look forward to, especially since going back to school is usually pretty intense. […]


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