Something about the arrangement of this week pleases me greatly.  It’s so neat and tidy to have Christmas Eve and Christmas on a weekend.  We don’t celebrate Christmas ourselves, but we still have to figure out what to do with ourselves on those days when the holiday takes over.  They’re good days for staying home and playing games, watching movies, doing house projects, as long as you don’t have to run out for a package of screws or a carton of milk.  Just like when I was growing up, we have friends who do celebrate and who include us in their celebrations.  My mother had a Polish friend, childless and living with her elderly parents, who used to fill stockings for my sister and me! The Snork Maiden doesn’t have that, but she does have Tim and Molly, friends who host a Christmas dinner for 10-12 people in their very tiny apartment (the dinner table, which is three tables pushed together, fills up the living room, and two people eat their dinner sitting on the couch).  Last year I got my first (so far only) migraine the day after this party, possibly from drinking red wine and not chasing it with enough water.  This year I might skip the wine altogether, since we’re leaving for Denver the next day.

So–a whole week to do things in, followed by a week of vacation and exploring a mostly unfamiliar city.  You all know me; I’m all about how to use the time.  Right now it seems to be working out to a sort of part-time work schedule; I went to NLNRU yesterday 7:30-3, and I’m going to SA today something like 8-12.  I’m writing some (and have started something I’m very interested in), but so far I’m mostly doing fall semester wrap-up and spring semester prep.  SA exams are after break, so the first two weeks of January there are wrapping up the new material, review days, and exams.  The new semester starts the day after Martin Luther King Day.

Then I quit work (mostly) and do more fun, relaxed things.  Admittedly, sometimes the fun things include laundry or straightening up a bookcase, but it’s relaxing to strike those things off the list!  I’m going to try to get myself and the Snork Maiden haircuts, and I need to do a bit of shopping for the THREE Hanukkah parties we are attending this week.

I hope you are having a good week!  And, if you celebrate, Happy Hanukkah!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Happy Hanukkah! I hope your family has a lovely holiday!

    And Happy New Year! I hope it treats you well!

    /hugs, B


  2. Posted by meansomething on December 23, 2011 at 4:58 pm

    Thanks! Happy holidays to you and yours, and best wishes for a happy, healthy, fabulous New Year! /hugs back atcha


  3. […] Eve and Christmas were on a weekend in 2011, and I liked that. I worked into the first few days of break to clear the decks for our Denver trip, which was fun […]


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