Thanksgiving weekend

Historically, I’ve been somewhat obsessive about planning how to use all that lovely time over the Thanksgiving break.  I notice, too, that historically I have often been sick for part of this break, and in fact I am currently suffering from what seems to be the same cold I had in 2009.  It got started on Monday night, but didn’t really blossom until the end of teaching on Tuesday; accompanied me on Wednesday to Starfleet Academy’s community service day and a screening of The Muppets with Stubb and the Snork Maiden; and then pretty much took over for 48 hours, though I did manage to clean up and show up at my in-laws’ for Thanksgiving dinner.

Now, Saturday morning, I still have the snuffles and the cough, but I can focus on other things.  My first task: to get over my childish and irrational sense of resentment that I just lost half my Thanksgiving break to being sick!  How to do this?  Why, take a nice shower and get cleaned up again; then on to my beloved lists and plans.  Some exercise, some work, some loafing, some blogging, and some planned recreation of some sort with Stubb tomorrow.  Oh, and I must also include some planning in the plan: our winter break trip won’t plan itself, you know.


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  1. You should visit me for winter break! I can probably guarantee snow! and cold :/

    Hope you feel better quickly!


  2. Posted by meansomething on November 27, 2011 at 2:33 am

    Oooh, tempting! We have visiting a particular family member as the planned centerpiece of this particular winter break trip, but I’d love to plan a Bardiac-centered trip for a future break. It doesn’t even have to be during a snowy season. And you know you are always welcome here, right?


  3. […] again, I have a cold on Thanksgiving weekend.  Once again, it’s annoying but not totally debilitating.  I hope that Stubb and the Snork […]


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