It’s the eighth of November.

Back to having too much to do to blog, I guess.  I’m reading blogs every day, but mostly not commenting, because I read blogs as a break at SA and I have a personal policy of not leaving traces of my blogging identity on SA computers.

Here’s a quick list of things I’m interested in writing about.  Perhaps it will also serve as an update of sorts.

  • Romola and I are getting along well.  We’re pretty different, but I think we respect each other’s strengths.  We certainly get each other’s jokes, which helps.  There is no question that our orientation toward literature is strikingly different;  in terms of what we think should happen around a literary text in a high-school English class, we may be the two farthest apart in the department.  This isn’t as much of a problem, so far, as I feared it would be.
  • This is a good year for me in terms of classroom management.  I actually have more challenges than last year (because last year was a freakishly well-behaved and good-tempered class), but I think I am doing a much better job than I have in the past.  I have some thoughts about why this is, but they will have to wait.
  • Not unrelated, though, is a lovely settled feeling at SA.  All four years of the high school now contain students I taught for their whole freshman year.  The students whose teacher I replaced in the middle of the year have graduated and are away at college.  I am feeling particularly sentimental about the current senior class, but I also love teaching some juniors whom I taught as freshmen, and chatting with the sophomores I had last year when I run into them.
  • Objectively, I think my collaboratively-taught NLNRU class is actually going quite well, but my smaller workshop within it is a fairly strange little constellation of personalities, with a huge spread in terms of ages, aesthetics, and communication styles.  I’m managing as consistently and honestly as I know how, but my dissatisfaction is aiming itself at the time problem–the limited amount of time I have for NLNRU, and how much of it gets sucked up into administrative stuff like admissions and next year’s scheduling and the annual faculty evaluation process.  Time is not the root the problem with this class, but a little more time might help me.  I’ve met individually with everyone once, and I think doing it again will be useful.  I can do it, just need to get it all on the schedule.
  • NLNRU–so much of it does get sucked up into administrative stuff like admissions and next year’s scheduling and the annual faculty evaluation process!   That’s another post, or three.
  • On the other hand, there’s a more settled feeling at NLNRU, too.  It’s just not anywhere as warm and fuzzy as at SA!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Glad to hear that things are so warm and fuzzy at SA these days. Do you think the new building is part of the settled feeling?


  2. […] Now? asked, in a comment on what is now a three-week-old post, whether my lovely settled feeling at SA was partly due to the new building.  I had been thinking that it was mostly a function of […]


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