The game

The Snork Maiden and I barely saw Stubb this weekend–he had theremin rehearsals and theremin performances and theremin coaching all back-to-back.  She had a rehearsal of her own this afternoon, though, and we took the opportunity to go out together right after school and see Moneyball, which, by the way, I would definitely recommend.

I hurried off campus to get to the movie, feeling annoyed about a couple of inconveniences which came up in the mid-afternoon, and feeling that the movie itself was just another inconvenience, without which I could have stayed on campus during the Snork Maiden’s rehearsal and done some of the work which the inconveniences created for me.  Ten minutes into the movie, though, and I was so glad to have left them behind–even though I have to deal with them, of course.  Tomorrow.


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  1. Sometimes, it takes ten minutes into something you really wanted to do to realize that yes, it’s good to be doing it even if it takes some time.


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