The other side of paradise

Now, about those things getting ready to happen.

The transitional weeks are odd because the first three weeks of NLNRU overlap with an unusually long ramp-up at SA, due to the new building and the move.  I taught the college-essay workshop, I’ve begun teaching my AP class (in what will shortly be a middle-school social-studies classroom), I’ve attended  4-5 hours of meetings, and I’ve unpacked all my boxes into the new room I will share with Romola.

And there’s still a week left before regular classes begin!

This week, my department will meet, and I’ll meet with my co-teachers for ninth grade.  There’ll be a back-to-school picnic, and we’ll finish getting our classroom ready to go.  My printer cables disappeared during the move; I suspect they may have gone with Dr. Tea’s technology, since my printer showed up in her new room.  I hope to get those back this week, too.

The Snork Maiden needs one or two new uniform skirts and pairs of pants, and we need to catch up on laundry and grocery shop for school lunches.  The new building has a cafeteria!–so there will be the option of buying a cooked lunch.  The new food service has been catering our faculty lunches on the meeting/setup days (yum).  I don’t think the cafeteria has much seating, though, so students will probably still eat outside and in classrooms as they used to.

Meanwhile, meetings and advising and teaching at NLNRU.  All has been calm, even friendly, with Colleague #2 since last week’s outburst.

On the subject of outbursts, I am fascinated by our various reactions at SA to the move.  They’re mostly according to type: the Pollyannas like me are thrilled! about the new building; the doomsayers are predicting that the building won’t pass inspection on time; the complainers are complaining; the administrators are putting a brisk, bright face on everything.  And this is even before the KIDS show up with their boundless energy and unpredictability.  All I know is that it’s going to be a memorable year.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Your AP class starts meeting before normal classes?!

    Hurrah for a cafeteria. I can’t imagine having done without all this time!

    Good luck settling in after the move; I hope all goes well as the school year ramps up.


  2. Posted by meansomething on September 7, 2011 at 6:39 am

    The AP class has started meeting only because the year starts so very late and the AP tests, as you know, are in May. It’s really history, and perhaps also science, taking the lead on this since they have a much more acute sense of having X weeks to get through Y cubic feet of information. I have to say, though, that it’s nice to meet the juniors in this slightly more informal setting, and to be well into our work when all the hoopla begins.


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