The middle place

An up-and-down day so far.  Back in the classroom for two hours, leading the seniors through some college essay brainstorming, exercises and discussions.  Nice to reconnect with kids I’ve taught or worked with before and to get to know a few I haven’t, and to see a couple of my colleagues (I somehow missed Romola, though).  I left feeling quite chirpy about being back in the SA classroom (albeit teaching a “class” that will only meet three times and in which no one is graded, though there will be a lot of responding to writing).  I met up with my mom and the Snork Maiden, who had been doing some clothes shopping together, and we had lunch out.

Then I got two emails on my phone: a ding on another literary-magazine submission (this makes seven so far, sigh) and an email about something at NLNRU I’d thought I handled yesterday not being quite so handled after all.  I got kind of sulky about the rejected submission before shifting gears into thinking about what else to send this magazine (because they did ask for more work)  and where else I can send the stuff they rejected.

So I’ve landed somewhere in the middle, where I’m still grateful I am in work and don’t have to consider wearing my resume on a t-shirt.


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