Official business

This is the first week of real summer vacation, sort of.

Last week began with the closing meeting at SA, but a lot of the week was taken up with packing up my classroom for what should be the last move for a few years, at least, and with various other end-of-school-year tasks.  There were goodbyes, and there was also catching up on other stuff, including NLNRU stuff, that I neglected during the week of exams and grading.

And this week–well, it’s not at all vacation-y.  I have spent most of it so far across town at a college where I used to adjunct a bit–I’ve called it BAC when I’ve had occasion to mention it, but I don’t think I have actively taught there since the term before I began this blog.  I have been working on a curriculum-review type of project they asked me to come in on, and while it’s been really interesting and useful and I will get a check at the end of it, it has also been intense and tiring.  Plus, though it’s about the same distance from my house asNLNRU, it’s on the other end of just about the worst possible commute in the city.

Being back there is interesting, though, if only because it illustrates that all the work you do matters and in a way, you don’t really leave the past behind.  It’s been over four years since I stopped teaching at BAC, and when I left I was pretty sure I would never go back as an adjunct, chiefly because it really wasn’t worth it unless I couldn’t get hired anywhere else.  The pay was better than at 2YC, but worse than everywhere else, and as I believe I mentioned two sentences ago, the commute is hellacious.  I wasn’t tempted to burn any bridges–I left on good terms–but now I am really glad I didn’t, because I have had to work with all sorts of people I remember, and who remember me.  (These people didn’t invite me on to the project, and I wasn’t invited because of having adjuncted at BAC four and five years ago.)  It’s a small place, and the provost and the registrar and the dean of assessment are all the same people, and they all remember me from my adjunct days, and I remember them.

I also ended up working, one day, with an actual student I had in 2007, who is now a graduate student and who remembers my writing in a comment to her that she should have more confidence in her work.  She was a returning student (I would say she’s about my age, mid-forties) and she was always sure her writing wasn’t up to snuff, but she consistently turned in some of the best work in the class–so typical of returning students!

I have the loan of an office from a professor who’s away, and I love her office.  I love the little conference table by the window–I wonder if I could fit one of those in my classroom at SA?  I love her ergonomic chair, her plants, the colorful piece of fabric draped over her printer to keep the dust out, her photos, her books, her posters, and her candy dish.  She has burdened me with terrible fantasies about my new classroom.  If I had a Ph.D. in her field (psychology), I would consider doing one of those horror-movie things where I stalk her and take over her life, just to have her office.

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